Orbeez Foot Spa What, Where, Why, and How

Kids these days are difficult and tiring to manage. They tend to enjoy their toy today and dislike it afterward. As a result, toys start accumulating in their room and are left disorganized. Then, after all that, they’ll begin asking for a new toy again tomorrow. That is the seemingly endless cycle that we need to avoid. Because the more toys kids have, the less focus they’ll have.

According to the study, when kids have fewer toys, they have more extended patience to play with them. Plus, it provides direction and imaginativeness. So don’t stress so much and relax a bit. How about a soothing foot spa? Wait– how about buying an orbeez that can both be your foot spa and a toy for your kid?

What is an Orbeez?

Orbeez is super absorbent polymers that evolve a hundred times bigger than their original size when immersed in water. It looks like jolen toys but is sluggish and unusual in the component. Orbeez is polymers joined together to grow in the water naturally. Surprisingly it was invented in the ’60s to moisten crops during a water shortage. It is a genius invention that is comfortable even for children, so eventually, they sell it for kids because of its precious look.

Let me compose all the crucial and beneficial usage of orbeez for you. So, next time you’ll look at orbeez slightly more creatively.

Orbeez as Toys

Orbeez is proven to be a great sensory toy both for kids and grownups. It is a good toy for your kiddo, mainly because they are in the developmental stage. This toy can help stimulate their creativity, thinking, inspiration, and advancement as effectively as looking at picture books. Orbeez is circle balls, which is why kids will undoubtedly use their imagination and curiosity as to where and how to use it more effectively.

More benefits of orbeez as toys include enriching senses, expanding emotional intelligence, increased artistic creativity, imagination, and even calculating skills. In addition, this toy can teach kids about sharing and disseminating since it is more than enough for them.

While orbeez doesn’t have a specific purpose as a toy, it can trigger the intuition of your kids as to where to use, put, or organize it. It is a great deal, too, since I played in a tub.

Orbeez as Soothing Foot Spa

After a long day of work pressure, having a spa to treat yourself or go straight home. Why not do both? With orbeez, you can go straight home and have your customized foot spa. It is a famous foot spa that is applicable for kids and even for you.

Orbeez foot spa has a pampering power that calms your feet, making you feel relaxed, breathe normally, and feel less uneasy. You can even use it when you can’t sleep at night. Since it has a calming component, it safeguards a night of better sleep.

Now, has the orbeez caught your interest yet? Questions like where to buy it could be occupying your mind. No worries. Let me assist you with the advice so you can buy it instantly.

Orbeez at Walmart

At Walmart, we offer the best orbeez foot spa for you and your kids with its whooping 2000 seeds orbeez plus 400 free given non-toxic water beads. It is perfect for girls’ nights and family time. Not only does it give you a soothing feeling, but it also has its unique components that you will surely get addicted to.

We offer shipping and deliveries anywhere you are, so make sure to check us out. Also, you can visit our website to check out more details about our product. However, in case you want to read it now. Below is more information that you might like to review.

Orbeez Spa Reviews

Orbeez has been a hit for hundreds of customers online. Up to 83% percent of consumers recommend and approve Walmart’s Orbeez Soothing Foot Spa.

To prove our genuineness here is one of the feedback of our recent customers. According to our customer, her girls had a bunch of fun while trying out the new Orbeez soothing spa bought at Walmart. Even though they had to let the orbeez grow in water before use took about four hours, it was still a big hit. When the girls put their feet inside the tub, they were instantly hooked and thrilled. They all liked the soothing sense on their sore feet, and so the girls ended up diving their hands in the machine as well. It was challenging to get away from the great product.

Before Using Walmart’s Soothing Orbeez Foot Spa

Upon obtaining the well-packed purchase, you will see hydrated orbeez packs, a spa tub, a motor unit, a corkscrew, and a spa hood in the package. What you’ll need for the successful installation is a Phillips screwdriver and three new “AA” (LR6) alkaline batteries.

About the AA Alkaline Battery

Users must charge batteries under adult supervision, so don’t let kids use them yet. Also, rechargeable batteries must be withdrawn from the toy before recharging, while users must not renew non-rechargeable batteries. Furthermore, different types of batteries or new and used batteries must not get mixed.

It would be best if you used only batteries of the similar or comparable type as recommended. You should replace batteries carefully and of correct polarity. Remember to remove the exhausted batteries from the product, and you must not short-circuit the supply terminals. For long-lasting effects, batteries should be removed from the product when not in use.

Assembling the Soothing Spa Machine

The assembling of a soothing spa machine will be easy for you. Just follow my lead carefully, and I assure you of a relaxing spa later.

  1. First, you need to open the battery door on the motor unit using a Phillips screwdriver. Then put in three new “AA” (LR6) alkaline batteries inside so that you can replace the battery door and tighten the screw.
  2. Assign the corkscrew you prepared into the cylinder and carefully connected it to the square peg in your motor unit.
  3. Go and install the fixed motor unit into the tub’s cylinder rests where arrows point. Corkscrew should lay over-geared support.
  4. Align tabs on the spa hood with slots in the spa tub and clasp them jointly.

How to Use the Soothing Foot Spa

Finally, you can use and relax in the foot spa: hurry and ready the assembled machine, the packs of orbeez, and a cup of warm water. Now you can pour the orbeez free in the machine unit and the warm water together for a more soothing effect. Would you please wait for it to grow and make sure to drain after? Orbeez spa is better without water.

After that, grab your chair, position your stressed feet in the tub, turn on the machine and rejoice. However, it might be best if you remembered to never stand up with your feet in the tub because it could be dangerous for you.

Advantages of Using Orbeez Foot Spa

Our orbeez will cascade over your feet for the vastly soothing and relieving tension experience. There are many advantages to using an orbeez spa. For example, when you feel like your high heels are taking a toll on you. Orbeez Foot Spa is ready to help you.

  1. Alleviate Stress, Migraine, and Headaches
  2. Refines blood circulation in your feet
  3. Lessen effects of edema
  4. Aids and improve feet issues
  5. Bits of help reduce PMS indications
  6. It helps brighten your complexion
  7. Improves sleep

What to do with Leftover Orbeez?

It would help if you did not waste the leftovers from your orbeez party. There are still many ways to use it. You can call your kid for help and use the colorful orbeez for your interior design. It can be put on the bottle, put on your favorite flower too, and it will become an impressive design on your bedside table. You can also put them in your plants, mainly because it helps the plants in moisture.


This article has given you an accurate description of what an orbeez is; The help it can provide to your kids; Its support in you, and the service it can give to your plants. Directions in using the machine from the assembly part are stated clearly, so you don’t need to search all over the internet. Walmart is the best place to buy orbeez for many reasons.

As I have said in the first part, orbeez is an excellent purchase for you and your kids. Aside from kids having it as a toy, you can also use it with them to relax in a soothing foot spa. There are many benefits in using orbeez, either as a foot spa or an educational toy for kids.

While they are reasonable, there is also a limit in the usage of orbeez foot spa. It is safe for your children to play and use. However, you still need to ensure some things, such as the product’s cleanliness and authenticity. The good news is, Walmart’s Orbeez provides you high-quality products.