Why You Need the HoMedics FB 600 Foot Salon Pro Pedicure Spa with Heat in Your Life 

After all the stress and uncertainty brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, we are all ready to retake some of those particular activities we once took for granted. One such activity is directly related to the health and appearance of our feet: Going out to enjoy the lovely days of the sandal season. If you neglected your feet during the pandemic, you would need to take care of them before stepping out this summer, and this is something you can undoubtedly accomplish with the HoMedics FB 600 foot salon pro pedicure spa with heat.

Aside from getting your feet ready for wearing sandals, there are other reasons why you will want to use a HoMedics FB 600 foot salon pro pedicure spa with heat, and they are intrinsically tied to your overall health. Many people who wisely stayed home to prevent contagion took a break from wearing uncomfortable shoes, thus alleviating corns, calluses, and hardened skin from footwear tightness and friction. If you return to the office after working from home, getting back to wearing dress shoes will likely bring some of these issues back, but you can deal with them independently with the HoMedics FB 600.

There’s also the matter of your feet getting used to being inside dress shoes several hours a day, not to mention having to walk around with this kind of footwear. A nice bubble massage upon coming back home to kick off your shoes is just what the foot doctor ordered, and this is another aspect of life that the HoMedics FB 600 can help you.

The FB 600 is a Serious Pedicure Spa Machine

The first thing you should know about the FB 600 is that it is a HoMedics product, which means you can trust that your feet will be in good hands. HoMedics started doing business in 1987 as a family-owned company dedicated to health and wellness. For more than 30 years, HoMedics has been at the forefront of innovation to bring health solutions right to our homes. 

Home health care is more than just taking prescription medications. You can follow various practices daily to promote a holistic lifestyle, and one of them is to take good care of your feet with the HoMedics FB 600. This home pedicure and spa station have gotten favorable reviews on CNN Underscored. It is often recommended to people who are getting their very first home spa and pedicure center.

Details and Specs of the FB 600

Weighing at less than four pounds, the FB 600 is light enough to carry and handle, but it sits solidly on the ground when you place your feet within. The rectangular dimensions are 8 x 8 x 13.5 inches, meaning you can stow it away in a closet or even under the bed. 

The FB 600 warms up gradually to 98 degrees Fahrenheit; this is the water temperature recommended by beauty salons and spas. You do not have to worry about the water cooling down during the session because the heating element will keep it at the right temperature. 

The foot massaging action is provided by two pressure nodes installed in the front and back of the FB 600. These rollers, made of highly durable plastic, soften and massage the skin through acupressure points. You can control the amount of pressure in case your feet are too sensitive for the rollers. To complete the massage features, the FB 600 includes a vibrating function that competing products rarely incorporate. With this foot spa, you get the bubbles, vibration, heat, and acupressure that your feet deserve. 

The pedicure attachments of the FB 600 include a brush, two grades of pumice stone, and rollers for a more vigorous massage. These are the kind of attachments typically used at salons and spas. For the most part, the coarse pumice stone attachment is used for skin that has become hardened, callused, and cracked. The coarse pumice attachment can be used during your initial sessions before switching to fine pumice. 

All the attachments that come with the FB 600 can be put away in the unit’s very own storage compartment. Once you are ready to empty the tank, the spout will help you get this done efficiently and without spills. 

Benefits of the FB 600

Aside from considerable savings that you will realize from not paying for spa or pedicure sessions, the most significant advantage of the FB 600 is directly related to overall health. Foot spa sessions are known to do more than relieve stress; they can also alleviate pain caused by conditions such as arthritis. If you have insomnia, stimulating the nerve clusters in your lower extremities will help you relax, thus making it easier for you to catch up on missed sleep. As for the pricing of this home spa machine, HoMedics takes pride in offering quality products at great prices, and this is a significant benefit. 

FB 600 Pros and Cons

Being able to heat water up to 98 degrees quickly is an advantage that not all home foot spa units offer; moreover, the FB 600 can maintain this temperature for as long as your session is supposed to last. 

As for the price, you really cannot beat the FB 600. Competing products tend to cost far more than double, and they are often bulkier. The high-quality pedicure attachments make this foot spa an even greater value for your money. 

One complaint some people have with the FB 600 is that the vibration and bubbling make it too noisy, but if you compare it with similar and more expensive spa machines, you will see that this is a minor quibble. 


The FB 600 foot spa is very easy to get used to it. For better results, refrain from adding water that has been preheated; you do not want the heating element to reach maximum temperature too quickly. Please remember that you have ultimate control over the pressure rollers if your feet are too sensitive in the beginning. Entirely a few FB 600 buyers are not interested in the pedicure features; they mostly want to get the healing effects of the warm water along with the bubbling and acupressure, but they end up falling in love with the machine once they start using the pedicure attachments. All in all, if you are new to home spa treatments, you cannot go wrong with HoMedics products, particularly the FB 600.