Best Foot Spa

1. HoMedics Shiatsu Footbath With Heat Boost Review


If you are searching for a foot massager, HoMedics Shiatsu Footbath with Heat boost works well for everyone as it is one of the best foot spa equipment. Deep kneading shiatsu massage comforts and soothes your aching and tiredness. It offers a deep kneading pedicure tub having vibrating bubbles with heat. The equipment is portable that you can carry anywhere and have your foot spa at home. Hydrotherapy massage helps to release the anxiety and stress of your entire day long. HoMedics shiatsu bliss foot spa has a heat boost, provides relief to your tired and sore feet. Its combined shiatsu, bubble massages, and ripple massage floor work well all together for releasing, soothing, and invigorating your tension. 

So you can say that it is high time for treating your feet. The foot spa machine offers you a two-in-one spa treatment that meets relaxing bubbles in the ultra pampering and customizable footbath. Removable and patent acupressure massage nodes knead deep in heels, arches, and soles. Heat boost equipment keeps water warm so that you can soak up your feet as long as you want. Utilize the deep kneading shiatsu without or with water and relax in your way and be comfortable. Its rippled massage floor motivates healing and stimulates blood flow for renewed energy, improving mental clarity and better sleep.

Salient Features


HoMedics shiatsu foot spa massager has in-built heat boosting technology that invigorates bubble massage. It also offers toe-touch control to users.


This shiatsu foot massager provides you with a two-year warranty having two in one removable pedicure center. 

Power Supply And Splash Guard

Yes, HoMedics shiatsu foot bath has Sensuous seagrass, 120V corded power supply, and integrated splash guard. It helps you to bend over and prevent splashes. 

Pedicure Attachments

The reviving and soothing experience like HoMedics foot spa combines gentle bubbles, stimulating shower massage jets, and comforting heat. It has three pedicure attachments.


HoMedics Shiatsu foot spa massager with heat boost provides your relief from sore and tired feet after your stressful long day. The equipment is portable and easy to carry anywhere. You can get a home foot spa in your comfort zone.

  • Heat boost technology with toe-touch controls.
  • Integrated splash guard.
  • 2-in-one pedicure center.
  • Two-year warranty.
  • Portable.
  • Corded power supply.

Machine Specs:

Product dimensions: 15 x 9.8 x 19.29; product weight: 9.04 lbs; Warranty: 2 years; power source: 120V corded; integrated splash guard; toe-touch controls; technology: heat boost technology.

Final Words

HoMedics shiatsu footbath with heat boost technology provides 100% relief and comfort to your sore/tired foot. You can relax and release your stress by pampering yourself with the help of pedicure equipment.

2. Costway Portable Multi-function Electric Foot Spa Bath Shiatsu Roller Review


Costway Foot Bath/spa massager is the shiatsu massage provider and is also known as one of the best foot spas. Tools include a shower, motorized rollers, temperature control, LED display, timer, drainage pipe, and red light to relieve foot stress. It is suitable for the entire family, particularly elders and office workers. This equipment promotes blood circulation that reduces fatigue and soreness of feet/calves with the help of automatic rotating bubble massage and massage rollers. It smoothens the meridians and is energy efficient because of its adjustable frequency. 

The medicine box and red light combo can help you improve the therapeutic effects and redness, swelling, or pulsation. You can set the time and temperature freely as per your requirements. Costway portable foot spa bath roller has four universal wheels that make it easy to move everywhere around. Thus let your body relax completely with the footbath/foot spa massager. 

Relax your body, especially your feet, through shiatsu massage, where the tub in the equipment is perfect for those who require you to stand at work to relieve painful toes, arches, and heels. The auto-rotating massage rollers present here can provide you with full massage on every acupuncture point on soles, helping you promote blood circulation, improve sleep, and relieve stress.

Salient Features

Jet Massage And Red Light

You can turn the bubble mode ON for stimulating acupuncture plantar points for achieving the effect of soft massage. There is a medicine box that can help you enhance the impact of footbath while putting medicinal herbs or sea salt. Also, the red light can be sterilized and disinfected effectively and conveniently.

Smart Frequency Conversion

This foot massager is more than 30% energy efficient, having three power settings – 300W, 400W, and 500W. You can select it according to your convenience. Choose higher power for faster heating or select low power for maintaining a specific temperature.

Temperature Control With PTC Heater

You can adjust the Water temperature freely between 35 degrees C and 48 degrees C or (95 degrees Fahrenheit to 118 degrees Fahrenheit). Insulated PTC heaters offer you reliable and safe protection. It is dustproof, waterproof, and maintains a comfortable temperature of the water.

Detail Design

Electric foot spa/massager comes with an automatic drainpipe where you can empty the water tank conveniently by gravity. Everybody can operate it effectively with a clear LED screen. The four detachable universal wheels and portable handles are made for moving, storing, and carrying easily.

Electric Rollers And Shiatsu Massages

This foot spa equipment has four electric shiatsu massages and two electric roller massages that offer you professional enjoyment in the spa at home.

Shower Head

The foot massager has a flexible shower head that allows you to shower your feet with the slow running water during your foot’s soaking for better relaxation. The showerhead can be adjustable to three angles, and you can adjust as per your requirements.

Smart Control Panel

Convenient control panel for you to change massage functions. You can turn the heating function ON for heating water up to 95 to 118 degrees Fahrenheit and set the massage timing between 10 minutes to 60 minutes. 

Efficient Storage And Carrying

Having universal wheels, you can move the massager from one spot to another without any effort. Also, it has a handle that provides your convenience for carrying where you can even cover the dust cover and place it in any corner after usage.

  • Movable/Universal wheels make it easy to move and store.
  • Electric rollers for giving professional massage experience.
  • Flexible showerhead.
  • PTC Heater.
  • Three Power settings.
  • 90 Days Warranty.

Machine Specs:

Net product Weight: 16.5 lbs; dimension: 16.5″ x 14.5″ x 13″ (L x W x H); power settings: 3(300W, 400W, and 500W); water volume capacity: 8L

Final Words

We all know that a regular foot soak is beneficial for our bodies. This foot spa massager provides great relaxation to your muscles, improves your blood circulation, and improves sleep quality. 

3. Turejo Foot Spa/foot Bath Massager Review


The restorative foot spa massager is the best way to relax after a day full of stress and tiredness. It helps to accelerate the metabolism procedure that is profitable for the entire body. All you are required to do is fill the Turejo spa bath equipment with water, customize your spa treatment and enjoy in your comfort zone via bubbling warm water. Foot spa massager has a vibrating function that is helpful to ease muscle tension and make your feet relaxed. Its bubble water functioning and red infrared lights can heat water by bringing a more comfortable foot bath experience. 

Turejo foot bath massager maintains the temperature precisely to select the temperature you desire according to the fast heating system. It works continuously for 60 minutes without any hassle of filling hot water frequently during your spa session. Foot massage has massage rollers having dots of acupuncture points that conform to your sole and offer deep massage targeting your feet’ pressure points. The pumice stone medicine box for exfoliation and pedicure helps remove dead skin and calluses for leaving smooth and clear skin. It is the perfect idea to add tea tree oil, essential oils, or salt for smoothening, healing, and soothing your feet. 

Sit back and relax at your luxurious salon any day and at any time. Press the pedicure spa digital display button with the indicated lights to show temperature and other functions’ working status.

Salient Features

Temperature Adjustment

This foot spa/bath has the adjustability of the temperature range between 95 degrees Fahrenheit to 118 degrees Fahrenheit. You can select your desired temperature with the quick heating system that provides an energy-saving and relaxing warm foot spa. It can work continuously for 60 minutes without any hassle of filling hot water.

Vibrating Function

This foot spa massager has a vibration function, conveniently helps relax your feet and ease muscle tension. Having bubble function and red lights helps to bring more comfort to the footbath experience.

Massage Rollers

Turejo foot spa equipment has four non-motorized massage rollers having dots of 336 acupuncture points. It helps to give you a deep massage.

Pumice Stone Medicine Box

This foot bath equipment has an additional pumice stone medicine box for exfoliation and pedicure that helps to eliminate dead skin cells and calluses for getting better and smooth skin.

Digital Display With Indicating Lights

When you press the button of this foot massager digital display having indicator lights, it will help you show temperature appropriately and the operational status of other functions. It is relaxed and safe to utilize the top-notch quality foot bath massager.

  • Heat O2 bubbles vibration.
  • Detachable pumice stone with a medicine box.
  • Four massage rollers.
  • Infrared lights.
  • Acupuncture pressure points.
  • Innovative temperature adjustability and fast heating.
  • One year warranty.

Machine Specs:

Product type: Footbath; material: plastic; dimensions: 15.6″ x 13.6″ x 6.8″ (H x W x D); product weight: 2.2 lb; pieces included in package: 1; commercial warranty: No; product warranty length: one year

Final Words

Turejo footbath/foot spa massager is elegant and fashionable, having a transparent design. The ergonomic outline works well and helps to prevent water from splashing. 

4. HoMedics 2-In-1 Sauna & Footbath With Heat Boost Power Review


HoMedics 2-in-1 Sauna and footbath having heat boost power equipment offer your feet a spa-like experience at home. It targets your arches and sole of feet while the warm steam mist surrounds them with the heat maintained temperature. You can have fun and relax with the professional quality pedicure treatment having three attachments that help store efficiently on power and footbath on every setting with efficient toe-touch controls.

The relaxing and rejuvenating experience provides the comfort of the spa-like foot massage at your house. All you need to do is sit back comfortably and enjoy the spa treatment easily without any effort. You can use the easy-glide cover for keeping warmth and most close to your feet. You will get the cleaning brush, massage roller, and pumice stone also in the pedicure treatment.

Salient Features

Two In One Spa Treatments

The massage hydra stream targets the pains and aches in the arches/soles of your feet with the removable footrests for your comfort. You need to sit back and relax because a warm steam mist surrounds your feet with soothing heat.

Heat Boost Tech

HoMedics 2-in-1 Sauna and foot spa equipment allows heat boost technology that maintains and increases the temperature. Use the easy-glide cover for keeping mist and warmth close to the feet.

Three pedicure centers

You get three pedicure attachments in the package for the home pedicure treatment. You can select the massage roller, pumice stone, and cleaning brush whenever you need or desire.

Toe Touch Controls

There is an in-built toe-touch control that allows you to go for the uninterrupted massage. LED lights to illuminate when there is a time for refilling the basin.

  • Massaging hydra streams having heat boost technology.
  • Three pedicure attachments and toe-touch controls.
  • Removable footrests.
  • Corded power supply.
  • Two-year warranty.
  • Push-button controls.
  • Two-speed settings.
  • The quality of the plastic grade is nothing special.

Machine Specs:

Product dimensions: 16.69″ x 15.24″ x 11.58″ (L x W x H); product weight: 9.15 lb; cord measure: 6′ L; warranty: two year; speed settings: 2; power source: 120V corded; pedicure attachments: 3; footrest inserts: 2

Final Words

HoMedics 2-in-1 sauna & foot spa massager offers a home spa-like experience with heat boost technology. You get massaging hydra streams to target arches and soles of your feet with adjustable heat temperature. Hence, enjoy your professional quality pedicure treatment having three attachments that can be stored easily on power and footbath on every setting with efficient toe-touch controls.

5. Foot Spa Bath Massager Rollers Handheld Review


You can now save your time and cost heading to the spa treatment because there is a foot spa massager available that cleans not only your foot but also offers the complete massage. Spend your free hours relaxing and soaking your feet. It will help you ease the pain at any corner of your home, releasing the stress from the hectic life routine. Foot massager having multifunction of oxygen bubbling massage, warmeth, roller massage, red irradiation, and vibration function offer warm foot spa treatment to relieve fatigue.

With the easy-to-use rotary switch available, select the three different modes to massage your feet and pamper yourself in your me-time. Sit back and relax by taking care of the most complex working body parts. 

The whole barrel body of the equipment is double-layer PP material. Durability and firmness are not comparable here when you have a double layer, a single layer lasts for a short time, but a double layer is not at all easy to crack or break. Hence, it is suitable for all family members having frequent uses.

Salient Features

Callus Remover With Four heads

Yes, this foot spa equipment has the electric foot callus remover having four heads that exfoliates your feet skin and result in a beautiful and healthier appearance. Out of four heads, one is the thick keratin, and the remaining three are soft massages after you have cleaned thick horny skin. If you are the one who wishes to have beautiful and serene feet, this is the perfect fit for you.


Even after a large amount of water, this foot spa treatment machine is waterproof and has a safety hazard of electric shock.

Bubbles For Flowing Foot Bath Water

This equipment has strong bubbles for keeping water flowing and circulating, as it is best for the healthy foot spa/massage. It has selectable massage modes and a water outline to prevent excessive water with the maximum recommended 4.6L. 

Removable Top & Easy Drain Hole

In addition to other powerful features and functions, this foot spa massager has a waterproof cover. The cover is magical in space to store foot callus cleaner that helps you save space and avoid missing any tool. Also, it has a hole for easy drainage.

  • Made up of top-notch quality nontoxic ABS and PP.
  • Three preset modes have different combinations of bubble massage, red light, warmth, and vibration function..
  • Precision acupuncture points.
  • Four attachments for removing dead skin cells and dirt.
  • Lightweight, easy to carry and move.
  • 90-day warranty only.

Machine Specs:

Product material: ABS & PP; product dimensions: 15″ x 17″ x 10″ (L x W x H); voltage: 120V; power source: 90 W; Frequency: 60 Hz; product weight: 6 lbs; water capacity: 4.2L.

Final Words

Foot Spa Bath Massager is suitable for everyone, mainly focusing more on their feet and athletes. Give yourself a treat and pamper your feet by relaxing in your comfort zone.