Are you looking for the best-heated aqua jet foot spa? Do you want easy usage and better convenience? If yes, you can consider using Brookstone heated aqua jet foot spa. It has everything to become the first choice for those who love to have a spa-like experience at home. This top-end machine comes with many innovations to care for and pamper the feet of users. It will relieve tiredness and tight your foot muscles. The enhanced blood circulation is an added benefit. Also, it features a large basin that creates enough space for up to fourteen inches of long feet.

You will appreciate the control panel. It can enable users to adjust the temperature setting based on their preferences. In addition to these, there are two massaging rollers. Furthermore, it features a pumice stone and a cover. 

Do you want to know more about Brookstone heated aqua jet foot spa? Do you want to know about the features and benefits before going ahead with your decision? If yes, you can go through the following article. It will address all your concerns, and you can decide without any confusion.

Features of the Brookstone Heated Aqua Jet Foot Spa

Brookstone heated aqua jet foot spa is well-equipped to help all those who want an innovative and advanced aqua jet foot spa to use at home. Here are a few features you can go through to know more about this foot spa. 

Heating Element

The heating element is worth considering. The water will not take more time to heat, and it will reach 115 F. Also, it will maintain warmth consistently. Therefore, your feet can have the required comfort throughout the session.

 Wide Basin

You might have noticed that most of the foot spas feature a small basin. But, you can expect an exception here. When you do not have enough space in the tub, you will be uncomfortable. However, you will not experience this problem while using the Brookstone Aqua-Jet. It is spacious and can accommodate 14 inches long feet. This unique feature makes it a preferred choice for all.

Motor Power

The motor works silently without causing any inconvenience and noise. You can use your foot spa without causing any disturbance to others.

Two Water Jets

There will be two water jets. That will enable your spa to create soothing bubbles. Also, these jets can boost circulation. As a result, tired feet can have more relaxation and relief. You can rotate the jets in the direction you want. Besides, you can adjust the intensity of the machine. If you choose a high setting, you can expect more power. By spending only twenty minutes, users can relax their feet.

The Pumice Stone  

The spa comes with a pumice stone. It will help users to remove any calluses and exfoliate the bottom. Your feet will look and feel smooth and s soft.

Two Rolling Massagers 

If you want a great foot massage, you will love this addition. It features two rolling massages that can massage your feet and soles. Your feet will thank you for this addition after day-long tiredness.

Removable Pedicure Center

It features a removable pedicure center that will enable users to give special treatment to their feet. The pedicure brush will help to maintain the cleanliness and smoothness of feet.

Sea Grass Surface

The sensuous seagrass surface will rejuvenate your feet and create a comfortable environment.

Splash Guard & Easy Tote Handle

The product features an integrated guard to prevent spills and splashing. There is a tote handle to avoid a mess. Also, it comes with a toe-touch control to ensure easy usage.


There will be three buttons. These are a jets button, a heat button, and a power button. Apart from that, it comes with a dial that users can use to adjust the airflow. They can increase or decrease the airflow based on their convenience.

 Maintenance Requirements

You will have to meet some maintenance requirements to boost the performance and efficiency of your Brookstone Aqua-Jet spa. For the maintenance, you will have to disconnect it from the electric socket every time after using it. Allow it to cool down, and then you can clean your foot spa by using a clean, slightly wet, and soft cloth. While cleaning, you need to avoid any cleaning agents since they can damage your product. When it comes to the splash cover and pumice stone, you can wash them with water and soap. You can also consider the dishwasher for cleaning the stone and cover.

Main Specifications

The dimensions of the product are 15 x 7.38 x 15.75. The power source is 120v 2 Pin flat. The weight of this product is 13 pounds. Also, it can accommodate feet up to 14 inches. Besides, there are two rolling nodes and two hydro jets. The maximum water temperature is 115 F.

Brookstone Heated Aqua Jet Foot Spa Design

The design of this foot spa is worth mentioning. It looks appealing. Also, the size is neither too big nor too small. It features an average size. That makes it the best choice for your bedroom or bathroom. Also, the elegant look can complement other designs of your room. The most inspiring feature is the basin. It is roomy and can be the best for people of all sizes. People with large feet would love to have this one. Enough space will create a comfortable environment for their feet. Additionally, the construction will help with a durable result. Users can have it for a long time with little maintenance.

How Does It Work?

You will find Brookstone heated Aqua Jet foot Spa easy to use. However, you will have to know how to use it to avoid any confusion. You will have to keep the machine on a flat surface. Now, you can connect it to an electrical socket and fill its wide basin with lukewarm water. If you are in a hurry, you can use lukewarm water. However, if you have time, you can fill the basin with room-temperature water. After filling water, use the temperature button and set the setting based on your need. Once the water is heated up, you can switch off the button. Now the time has come to give special treatment to your feet. Also, you can use the pumice stone slowly. After completing the massage, you can pull off your feet. Now, allow your machine to cool down and then clean it.

Benefits of Brookstone Heated Aqua Jet Foot Spa

When it comes to benefits, users can expect a customizable solution. It can be the best choice for all regardless of the feet size. Here are more details you can go through to know the usability and benefits of the Brookstone Aqua-Jet Spa.

Customizable Settings

Users will have the option to customize the machine based on their unique needs. You can customize the massage speed with control panels. Also, you can control the temperature and create a soothing and comfortable environment for your feet.

Impressive Hydro Jets

The jets will regulate water flow and offer rejuvenating and soothing feel to bones and muscles. They will give a refreshing look to your feet. In brief, your feet will receive the much-needed care after a daylong hard work.

Addresses Rough Skin

If you have rough and dead skins, this foot spa can remove them. It can give a refreshed and supple feel to your feet. The best part is that the pumice stone is removable. You can use it to rub up the dry skin while massaging. In addition to removing dead skins, the stone can remove the dirt from your feet.

Easy Upkeep

The maintenance will be easy and less time-consuming. With regular cleaning, users can enjoy spa care for a long time.

Outstanding Controls

Users will have complete control of this spa with its two rotating jets. They can adjust the speed and enjoy an uninterrupted massage to rejuvenate their feet. Also, it features two rolling kneading nodes. Users can use them to have control over the movement and level of water.

Downsides of the Brookstone Aqua-Jet Spa

A Bit Heavier

The weight of this foot spa is 13lbs. Once water-filled, it will not be easy to carry this machine from one place to another.

A Bit Pricey

Brookstone Aqua-Jet Spa comes with many advanced and innovative features. That contributes to the end price of the product.

No Aroma or other Additions

You can only use plain water in this spa. Users cannot add oils, salt, scrubs, and other things while massaging their feet.

Buying Guide to Brookstone Heated Aqua Jet Foot Spa

Brookstone Heated Aqua Jet Foot Spa can be the best choice for all those who want a convenient foot spa. But they will have to consider a few factors that include the maintenance requirements. They need to clean the machine after every use. Furthermore, they cannot add salt, oil, or anything to the water. All these can cause blockage.

Final Words

Brookstone Aqua Jet Foot Spa comes with all the advanced features to serve you for a long time. It can be the best for large feet. More importantly, you can adjust the setting to create a comfortable environment.